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What was once the chaotic centerpiece of suitcases, crates, sea chests and drums heading for –or coming from- exotic ports around the world, remains a key feature of Loods 6. Converted into a highly flexible exhibition/presentation facility, the Bagagehal (Luggage Hall) hosts a kaleidoscope of events related to culture and commerce, which both serve and are served by the permanent Loods6 community. Loods 6 has gone to considerable lengths to retain many original features in this spectacularly different facility while ensuring all modern technological requirements (such as lightning-fast Wi-Fi) are met. And importantly, Bagagehal can be rented per day, per week or in some extreme cases even per month.

View the sizes and map of the Bagage Hall.

Rent the Baggage Hall

The basic rental fee of Bagagehal for commercial use is:

  • €2.400 per day (entire Bagagehal area, 880 m2/10.000 sq.ft.)
  • € 1.050 per day (western section only, 300 m2/3.300 sq.ft)
  • €1.450 per day (eastern section only, 580m2/ 6.400 sq.ft.)
  • All rates subject to 21% VAT.
  • For cultural or non-profit events, e.g. exhibitions, different (lower) rates may apply.
  • For extended rental periods and/or for combinations including the use of Kompaszaal and/or central lobby, we will happily prepare a tailor-made quote.
  • Total capacity, for the entire Baggage Hall, 600-1000 people.
  • View the sizes & map.

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