Welcome to Loods 6!
Loods 6 is an architectural pearl, reflecting both Amsterdam’s maritime heritage and her current entrepreneurial essence. Located in what were once docklands and now magnificently restored to exacting standards, this former passenger and goods terminal is designed to house
• a multitude of creative, future-oriented businesses,
• a fascinating cross-section of contemporary artists,
• a meeting place for everybody who feels more at home outside the box than inside the dotted line.

Loods 6 then and now.
Loods 6 was built more than a century ago by the Dutch shipping company KNSM on the island that today bears her name, as her main commercial hub. After serving generations of passengers and shippers, more peaceful times ensued after air travel forced KNSM out of business, and the first signs of decline soon threatened this unique piece of architectural heritage. Luckily, in 1997 a foundation was formed dedicated to re-establishing former glory, and since then Loods 6 has been home to a vibrant community of creative hot-shops, trend-setting shopping outlets and contemporary artists who all have one thing in common: they prefer to live amid the dynamics of a quirky mid-Amsterdam location than to drown in the sleepy anonymity of some bland suburban development.

Baggage hall

What was once the chaotic centrepiece of suitcases, crates, sea chests and drums heading for –or coming from- exotic ports around the world, remains a key feature of Loods 6. Converted into a highly flexible exhibition/presentation facility, the Bagagehal (Luggage Hall) hosts a kaleidoscope of events related to culture and commerce, which both serve and are served by the permanent Loods6 community. Loods 6 has gone to considerable lengths to retain many original features in this spectacularly different facility, while ensuring all modern technological requirements (such as lightning-fast Wi-Fi) are met. And importantly, Bagagehal can be rented per day, per week or in some extreme cases even per month.

Compass hall

In the past, the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company used this unique location as her arrival and departure lounge. This is where many a Dutch life took an irreversible turn for the –hopefully- better, and where many an immigrant set their first uncertain steps on European soil. After an extensive refit, the lounge was renamed Kompaszaal (Compass Room), acknowledging a unique maritime heritage. The Compass Room is now fully equipped to stage cultural manifestations, and to host both specialised conferences and stylish receptions. To prove its flexibility, it doubles up as the stylish canteen for all Loods 6 inhabitants and their visitors.
Get in touch with T 020 419 95 96 or learn about the many options available to the discerning user.

What's on in Loods 6

Loods 6 is home to a huge range of cultural activities and manifestations, from exhibitions in the Baggage Hall to symposia in the Compass Room, and from art exhibitions inside the building to performances and installations around it. Loods 6 adopts a flexible role in this diverse area: sometimes the initiator, sometimes the host. For an overview of current and recent activities: agenda & nieuws.

Loods 6
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