The Baggage hall

Back in its maritime youth, the Bagagehal was KNSM’s luggage transfer facility. Due to its imposing size and raw, hands-on character it was regularly described as an aristocratic bunker.

In 1997 the renovated Bagagehal entered service as an exhibition facility. Sins then it has hosted all manner of cultural manifestations, brand presentations, workshops, fashion shows and other similar events, as well as numerous art/photography exhibitions.

Bagagehal is available for rent, per day or week, for exhibitions, business presentations and cultural events.
Rent the Luggage store.

Bagagehal measures 80 x 9 x 5 metres (l x b x h) and features an entry section of a further 30 metres. By means of a fire door, the space can be divided in two areas of 300m2 and 580m2, making Bagagehal equally suitable for more intimate events. Installed facilities include toilets, lighting, heating, extra power supply (380V, 1 x 32 A and 2 x 16A), storage space and Wi-Fi.
Check out the floor plan.

Central lobby

The minimalist, raw central lobby on Loods 6’s first floor, featuring a magnificent view over the IJ is a much-loved venue for film and photo shoots. It can be rented alone, or in combination with Bagagehal. Leading off the lobby, a fully equipped meeting room seating up to 20 is also available for your not-exactly-routine conference needs.

Loods 6
KNSM laan 143
1019 LB Amsterdam

T: 020 4182020
F: 020 4181215
E: [email protected]


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