Compass Hall

Café/restaurant De Kompaszaal is the current incarnation of what was originally the arrival/departure lounge for KNSM’s first-class passengers. Designed by architect Johan van Tienhoven, Kompaszaal retains its original, monumental character and features many treasured features. There is over 5000 square feet of magnificently ripened linoleum flooring that looks better today than ever before, and many original mosaics that testify to a glorious past. Outside, a quayside terrace extends for the full width of Kompaszaal, looking out over the same vista’s that will have greeted passengers in a bygone age –although admittedly, there are now a couple more high-rise buildings visible in the distance.

Loods 6
KNSM laan 143
1019 LB Amsterdam

T: 020 4182020
F: 020 4181215
E: [email protected]